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The Asphodells - Remixed CD

Image of The Asphodells - Remixed CD

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While this album could have gone down a rather obvious route, with the remixers of the Asphodells album 'Ruled by Passion…', Andrew Weatherall looked a little closer to home.

Mainly revolving around "The Axis" - the group of locally-based producers who can be spotted in and out of Weatherall's Shoreditch studio bunker- reworkings from the likes of Daniel Avery, Scott Fraser, Hardway Bros, Justin Robertson and Ivan Smagghe soon came to light.

This idea lead to a broad range of styles with something for everyone. Our ears always prick up when Justin Robertson’s take on 'Beglammered' ups the heart rate or Daniel Avery’s own unscrewing of 'We are the Axis' ruffles the neck hairs. We've stopped arguing in the office about which is the best track. They all are.

01) Another Lonely City (Group Rhoda Remix)
02) Late Flowering Lust (Phil Kieran Remix)
03) Beglammered (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix)
04) Skwatch (Black Merlin’s Reel to Reel Remix)
05) Never There (Hardway Bros Remix)
06) We Are The Axis (Daniel Avery Remix)
07) Another Lonely City (Daniele Baldelli and DJ Rocca Remix)
08) Beglammered (Richard Sen Remix)
09) We Are The Axis (Scott Fraser Remix)
10) One Minute’s Silence (Ivan Smagghe Remix)